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Have you been feeling stressed out with family, over-exhausted from the never-ending pandemic, or seeking a way to treat your insomnia? If you are curious about the type of impact Breathwork can have on burnout, stress, and emotional exhaustion Breathwork teaches us to release stress in a natural way – through exhaling.

My life is divided into two life spans: before breathwork (BB), and after breathwork (AB). If you are curious about the type of impact breathwork can have on burnout, stress, and emotional exhaustion – I’ve written an entire article about how breathwork helped me survive and thrive after a C-PTSD diagnosis. 

A good Breathwork class is about breathing deeply, yelling, crying (sometimes), laughing, and allowing stored-up energy to leave the body. Our bodies are like a reservoir for trapped emotion. Breathwork flushes our systems, clearing the reservoir.

Group Virtual Classes:

The next virtual Breathwork group will meet Wednesday, August 17th at 6pm-7pm PST / 7pm-8pm CST. We all need to develop a new tool kit in order to survive, thrive, and take care of our bodies. Breathwork is ancient practice, and part of the modern tool box.

​RSVP for Virtual Group Breathwork on Wednesday, August 17th at 6pm-7pm PST/ 8pm-9pm CST!

If you cannot make the class – do not worry, I’ll be sending out a recording of the practice to everyone who registers. Everyone will get a recording of the class within 48 hours of the event. 🙂

Private One-on-One Sessions:

Each session is 90 minutes. Please bring a pen, journal, and water. 

Sessions are $220, with a limited number of sessions set aside for sliding scale ($100-180) rates and two $44 appointments for people who identify as BIPOC or LGBTQIA+. We ask that you pay the top tier that you can afford so that the lower-priced options are available for those most in need.

10% of the revenue from this class will be redistributed to the Oakridge Neighborhood to help create pathways to success for Black and brown families by providing housing, education, and employment services. Oakridge is based in Des Moines, IA. (where I grew-up) and they help African and Hispanic people re-settle their lives on our land, while transitioning into living into the Great Plains. You can further support Oakridge Neighborhood here.

*Sessions are held on Zoom, at the Santa Monica beach, or Clover Park. If you have a private outdoor residence, we can also work there.

**Proof of Covid vaccination card is required.

To book an appointment please see below.

A handful of “Sliding Scale” sessions are set aside each month, to ensure that breathwork remains within reach for anyone who so desires. If you are interested in a sliding scale appointment consider the following suggestions while making your decision. Please pay the highest amount that you can afford in order to save room for those most in need.

If you are frequently worried about making ends meet, if you are un-housed and unable to afford small splurges

Private: $100-$120, 

If things are tight, but you are able to afford occasional meals out, and current electronic devices

Private: $120- 140, 

If you earn a moderate income and can afford to dine out and go on vacation, but there are other factors that frequently affect income, health problems, caregiving, contract work.

Private: $140- 180, 

**The chart above is inspired by Jennifer Patterson, Chauna Bryant, and Chiara Acu

Ryan lives and facilitates Breathwork in Los Angeles, CA. the unceded land of the Tongva people. Ryan  donates 10% of his Breathwork proceeds to local charities that serve Black, brown, and/or LGBTQIA+ housing and youth education.

To book a sliding scale session, email

*Appointments are prepaid via Venmo: @ryan-santa-monica or via the Cash App:$breathworker