Getting Started Guide

Ryan J. Williams

Welcome to my Breathwork community, a place for spiritual solutions to modern day problems. I’ve been blogging on the web since 2008, and there is a lot already out there on spirituality. To help you navigate through the noise, I’ve created this getting started guide which includes: 

Top Articles on Breathwork:

1.  Why Breathwork is Entheogenic: Body Vibrations, Intentional Breathing, and Powerful Music

2.  Lucid Dreaming: Definition, Triggers, and Controlling Your Story

3.  Do You Want to Try Breathwork? It Makes People Laugh, Scream, and Cry

5.  How Breathwork Heals the Mind, Body, and Spirit: Why I Practice

6.  How Breathwork Helps Process Stress, Pain, and Trauma

5 Useful Pages on Integration Practices

1. Sound Baths: The Integratron: UFOs, Sound Baths, and the High Desert (Including Joshua Tree Links)

2. Loving Kindness Meditation: What is Loving-Kindness? Practicing Meditation with Jack Kornfield

3. Yoga Nidra: What Happens in Yoga Nidra: Dreaming, Deep Rest, and Relaxation

4. Complex PTSD: Getting Diagnosed with Complex PTSD: Symptoms, Finding Support, Recovery

5. Creating a Daily Meditation Practice: Meditation is a Practice of Self-Care – How Backyard Meditation Brings Me Healing

6. Meditating for 30 Days in a Row (Getting Through Roadblocks): Practicing Meditation from Scratch: How to Meditate for 30 Days in a Row